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Nick Carr’s The Big Switch

Not long ago Nicholas Carr posted a note on his weblog: the first 150 webloggers who left a note would receive an advance copy of his new book, The Big Switch: Rewiring the World, From Edison to Google. I received … Continue reading

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Do something useful: Don’t read this

Nick Carr writes of Doris Lessing’s Nobel acceptance speech where she stated: What has happened to us is an amazing invention – computers and the internet and TV. It is a revolution. This is not the first revolution the human … Continue reading

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Lessons from the Book: Final

The book draft is finished, and it’s time to wrap up the lessons I’ve learned while writing. I love web graphics I love web graphics. I always have, and always will. I make no pretense to be an expert, or … Continue reading

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This last week has been a blur–lost between falling into bed and rising a short time later, moving into writing chair and looking out the window, thinking that forestry service career would have been a better option. I’m finished with … Continue reading

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Back to Business

Where author details stories in progress including a follow-up on Jena 6, a press release about the Arbitration Fairness act, teases about stories on technology and photography, and where she philosophizes about the end of her tech book writing career. Continue reading

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