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June 16, 2002

I'm sitting in my living room surrounded by packing paper and bubble wrap and boxes and boxes and boxes. So far the only moving injury is a half-torn off thumbnail. Not bad.

I was talking with my ex-hubbie this morning, recounting all the moves I've done in my life. I've moved thirty-three times. Thirty-three times. Seriously.


Home near Kettle Falls to Farm near Kettle Falls
Farm near Kettle Falls to home in town
Home in town to Seattle, first house
Seattle first house to Seattle duplex
Seattle duplex to Seattle house
Seattle house to rooming house in Salt Lake City
Rooming house to house in Seattle
House in Seattle to Religious Cult Group home
Religious Cult Group home to House in Seattle


House in Seattle to apartment in Seattle
Apartment to new in-laws home in Renton
Home in Renton to farm outside of Renton


Farm outside of Renton to Apartment in Kirkland
Apartment in Kirkland to home in University District, shared with students
University District house to University District Apartment
UD Apartment to apartment on Lake Union
Apartment on Lake Union to Apartment in Queen Anne
Apartment in Queen Anne to Apartment at Sea-Tac
Apartment at Sea-Tac to house in Yakima, Wa
House in Yakima, Wa to Apartment in Yakima
Apartment in Yakima to second Apartment in Yakima
Apartment in Yakima to house in Yakima


House in Yakima to apartment in Mesa, Arizona
Apartment in Mesa to apartment in Phoenix
Apartment in Phoenix to house in Yakima
House in Yakima to student dorm at Central Washington University, Ellensburg
Student Dorm to apartment in Ellensburg
Apartment to House in Ellensburg
Ellensburg to house in Seattle
House in Seattle to Apartment in Renton, Wa
Apartment to house in Renton
House in Renton to house in Portland, Or
House in Portland, Or to Apartment in Portland, Or
Apartment in Portland, Or to House on island in middle of Lake Champlain in Vermont (yes this was very cool)
Reluctantly, House in Vermont to Apartment in Boston


Apartment in Boston to Apartment in San Francisco
...and now on to St. Louis

Damn! I miscounted. It looks like I've moved thirty-six times. And I think I missed some moves in there. It took close to six months for me to get my security clearance, as you can imagine.

Thirty-six times. Damn. No wonder I'm tired.

P.S. Should I pop some bubble wrap for all of you?

P.P.S. Dave I hope you're up and about and out of the hospital really soon. Get better.

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