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September 06, 2002
TechnologyThreadNeedle Status

I provided a status on ThreadNeedle at the QuickTopic discussion group. I wish I had toys for you to play with, but no such luck. To those who were counting on this technology, my apologies for not having it for you, and unless someone can point out an obvious solution to the problems I've recounted that I'm too dense to see (a good possibility that), chances are ThreadNeedle will remain an RDF schema without an implementation.

On a related not, I also wanted to specifically mention that Ben & Mena's (of MovableType) development of the standalone TrackBack server was a remarkably generous gesture, one that I hadn't given the proper due. I believe that the Trotts have gone above and beyond in how much they've given the weblogging community, and deserve kudos from me, not tired, cranky grumblings.

I don't know if you all have taken the time to read what the Trotts have said, but they're putting this server out under Artistic license and encouraging people to use their technology, no charge. This means developers can incorporate this technology into their own applications -- such as ThreadNeedle, which is one thing I am examining. Or into other webloggings tools for that matter.

Damned if I've seen anyone thank Ben & Mena for this. I didn't. I'll amend this now -- thank you Ben and Mena.

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